Key West

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SouthernMostbb64 December 6, 2010 – Key West – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box

Hello, Everyone. It’s Athena blogging today. It was getting chilly everywhere, so we decided to go south. I think we made it. But it is still cold and windy. Glad we decided not to take the motor-home down there, as most of the street are alleys.
We visit Fort Zachery Taylor (named after my cousin) today. It was built on Key West to discourage pirates. But now it is used regularly by pirates for special events. We saw two lady pirates fencing. The park had a nice beach, very clear water, and close to cruise ships. They were only 50 ft out into the bay. The water is so clear that you can see the feet of the seagulls. Weird!!!
We drove around and found this marker, but no free parking, so this picture is the result of a drive-by shooting. Found another nice beach. The waves must really be obedient most of the time. There were permanent post for picnic shelters and volleyball nets in the sand. These would be destroyed the first winter at home. Also, most of the beaches had stores and rental places on them. Would not be allowed at home.
A wind storm came up this afternoon, and we are battened down and hoping the wind will end before are trip to the Keys ends.

The End of the ROAD ….

 No Worries- We found a beach

 Enjoying the very blue water.

 Grass grows under the water, as the water is so clear, photosynthesis occurs.

 Darin’s Crab “Ready..  set .. jump”

 Coral Rocks!

 140 cannons to keep the pirates away.

 Cruise Ship dwafts 4 story hotel

 Strong Winds tonight. Good thing we are in a RV not a boat. It would rock us to sleep.