Kids find kids

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Kids5170 December 21, 2010 – Kids find kids – Rolling Shoe Box

Our kids plus three neighbor kids make five, we hear screams, visiting, and Weird Al playing on an I pod and cheap speakers.  It is nice to hear them all happy though and playing hard. Later this afternoon they made chocolate Bark via chocolate chips, and ate a few pounds.  Their parents will probably love us for providing that much sugar before sending their kids home. I was impressed with just how much chocolate five kids could consume while we were gone on our fifteen minute walk. Now we will be sadist and try to feed our kids salad for supper. Athena and I tortured our selves today, she worked on the finances, and I tried to figure out why the right hand side of the RV has no power. We both failed at our tasks so far, but I am sure we shall prevail. Well that is another day.

Have a good evening and a good night…