Lake Tawakoni

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4February 21, 2011 – Headed for Lake Tawakoni – Rolling Shoe Box 

  Saying the lakes name is as difficult is driving across it. For real entertainment, watch us say the name to a local Texan. They look at us more blankly than the New Yorkers do when we ask for a POP, which they refer to as Soda. Speaking of weird; try ordering a Coke in Texas, (They will ask you what kind of Coke; and they don’t mean do you want cherry?) Coke is their word for POP, just like Xerox is another word for photo copy. Enough said, language extends beyond accents and into the words we choose. All this time, We thought it was just dialect, again I run off at the brain thinking and coming to conclusions, that turn out half baked. Since it was a travel day, we are tired as usual from breaking camp, then driving, then setting up again. Since the trip was short, we got a little work done, Athena did Laundry, I modified the medicine cabinet to prevent stuff from falling out while we drive, and accidentally repaired the TV while trying to see decking on the roof (Now the kids know how to get TV stations. Yuck!). I am sure I’ll accidentally break the TV again when I go to try and fix something else.

Have a good evening and a good night ….