Lexington SC

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November 8, 2010 – Arrive Lexington SC, a few miles south of Columbia – Rolling Shoe Box

We looked on a map and found an RV park just a few miles south of Columbia SC and relocated there. Cindy lives somewhere around Columbia and we thought it would be nice for her to meet the girls since we are on the east coast. Athena thought that after seeing Cindy it would be nice to go to Savannah Georgia, so camping in the Columbia area seems like a logical choice. After Columbia we will drive south to Florida. Holly is really wanting to see Florida, as for me, I am game. I went to a technical conference in Orlando one winter and thought it was a bit warm, and golfing difficult because the gators would not give up the eighth hole. Holly had her stitches removed today. While the Dr. was removing the stitches, Athena and Holly told him we were headed to Florida. He thought we chose a bad time of the year for our trip as the beaches would be uncomfortably cool at 75 degrees. I am hoping he is right about the temperature. Well, I have had enough day, and plan to turn in for the night.

Good evening and good night…