License to Fly

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OneMoreQuestion5170January 11, 2011 – Do you have a License to Fly This Bird!? – Rolling Shoe Box

I dare say that since I am sitting next to you, I do hope you passed flight school at a minimum.  You do not look as worried as I feel, so I guess I will trust you. Just the last few thoughts that went through my mind as Sarah took me for a tour of this old Naval bucket of bolts that was once a plane before we got at it. Sarah worked very hard today, got up and had her school work started by 5am. At 9:30am she gave me an endurance run, and took me on a 1.5 mile one hour walking tour of the park we are in. The cold weather was impressive considering that we are in Florida.  This afternoon we took a tour of the Naval Aviation Museum on the Navy base. The museum was very impressive and we greatly enjoyed the history of military flight presented there. We learned a lot about blimps, jet engines, and rotary engines, and Sarah saw her first piston, fuel valve and crank shaft in a twin rotary engine.  Over all it turned out to be a productive day in spite of the cold. Tomorrow we will be in another state and still cold I am sure!

Good evening and good night…

 Big lagoon State Park Beach

 Bird warming up in the river. Too Cold even for him

 Perdido key bay

A big mistake! Amphitheater built by Florida State Parks. Varnished wood and accoustic tile out doors does not last. The wheel chair ramp in fromt of Sarah has already buckled. It will not be long and they will need a bond to fix the failing state parks.

 My laddies model the latest in air craft technology

 My Blue Angel

 My Other Blue Angel

 Walmart creation. Smashed fluffy white poodle cake with naked baby? Rover may have died crossing the road, but where does the baby fit in? Where are his clothes? Do I have to eat cake sat on by a baby with no diaper?