Looking at pictures of old

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February 23, 2011 – Looking at pictures of old – Rolling Shoe Box 

We are looking at pictures the old fashion way, the pictures are printed on paper, and placed in a book.  These were just not any pictures, but they were black and white photos of Nick’s dad which is also my grandma’s dad. Some old pictures of Nick and his brother, and my grand mother. This was fun to see. Nick and Joan are new to us, and are really great people. They treated us to BBQ at Randy Whites BBQ in Mesquite, where we had good food and a nice visit, we also watched a silly movie about animals not wanting to share the forest with a development company. The big investors of course lose out to the animals, and the star family guy gives up a good income developing property and becomes a Forrest ranger. So the family loses their nice big home, probably live in a tent on the new meager income, but hey the teen age boy is happy with the cute girl he met, and the animals don’t have to give up some ground to people. We also attempted to see Keene Texas, but we took too long to get there as it was further away than we thought and gave up the quest. The trip home was a bit longer than we planned, as I had brain fog and attempted to drive us to last weeks RV park, fortunately Athena figured out that though the scenery was familiar, something was wrong, and she redirected me to Lake Tawakoni rather than Lake Lavon. We only missed by 15 miles since the first part of the trip was in the same general direction, the rest of the drive was slow due to dense fog. We are back in our RV, the kids are happily eating popcorn, I am fighting with the modem trying to pick up a strong enough signal to complete tonight’s blog. Once this is posted, I will be happy to crash into bed, it has been a long but good day.

Have a good evening and a good night….