Looks like Florida will freeze over

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weather5170 December 26, 2010 – Looks like Florida will freeze over – Rolling Shoe Box 

Gust as at 35 mph, 46 for the high, 32 this evening and 22 tomorrow and the everyone says it is our fault!  Everyone wants some one to blame. Well, who ever caused global cooling, they did a good job, we did not bring clothes for this, so we stayed inside and did laundry.  Not much more to report, but Athena and I cleaned house did laundry and ate turkey while the girls played in the game room.  I sure wish Jae would get on the stick, and invent an anti PMS pill, it is hard to live with so much estrogen. :) Use that P.H.D. for something other than wall art, you will be a billionaire and be mans best friend!Good Evening and Good Night…