Loxahatchee, Fl.

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December 2, 2010 – Travel day to Loxahatchee Fl. – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box

We arrive at our KOA, the sign in the back, says dog walk, the sign up front says elephant walk. I see folk with plastic bags in their pockets full of doggy droppings. I can hardly imagine the pocket required for elephant droppings. Today’s drive was about 200 miles with a stop at Walmart for an Oil change. Walmart had a door large enough to get our rig into, but the person who came to take the rig in the shop was a little taken by it, and asked me to drive it in. The guy in charge of the doing the oild change was a bit puzzled; and sure it could not be done; as he would never have a filter for it in his computer. (Lucky for him, I happened to have one with me. :) ) Then he tried to ask me a lot of questions in some unintelligible language that may have been English.  Lucky for me, his supervisor came over, took the filter for me and asked the two most important questions what viscosity? and how much? I was so thankful for English speaking person who spoke English. The oil change was cheap though, only $40.00, cost less than when I do it, but a real pain. Took me longer to describe what I needed, than it takes me to do it my self, but since there is no place for me to legally change it my self, it was a good deal. Met a nice couple from the keys today with twin 3 year old girls, they have lived there 13 years and love it, kind of fun speaking with happy people under 80 and above 16. Not that there is anything wrong with teens and old people; after all, they have more fun. :)

Good Evening and good night….