Lynchburg Thousand Trails

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// October 20, 2010 – Travel to Lynchburg Va. – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box //

Hard to believe, but this is hwy 515 a 55MPH Hwy in Virginia. The highway is just wide enough where two rigs can slip by if they are careful. Athena had to do this three times on this 30 mile stretch of highway. Though Athena found it a little unsettling, it was an absolutely beautiful drive. We only drove about 35 miles per hour as we felt the steep hills and blind corners really did not justify such high speeds, the locals seemed quite comfortable with freeway speeds though. After settling into our campsite we headed for Super Walmart in Lynchburg. (About 20 miles) The grocery prices were reasonable for a change, so we stocked up. Finally Milk under $4.00 a gallon. I have no idea how the people in the coastal communities survive at the prices they pay for food. It is a breath of fresh air to see reasonable prices again.  The state of Virginia has designed the highway system to kill off the population, the roads have merge ramps with yield signs. They might as well put up a stop signs as no merging can occur in traffic, and the ramps are to short to accelerate to highway speed. Some locations, do just have a stop sign, except the car is parralel to the highyway instead of perpendicular, so you have to look in the mirror to see if cars are coming. It is time to call for national traffic laws, national highway codes, and a national drivers license. The roadways are one example where local autonomy goes too far. I beleive in states rights and local autonomy in general, but travel needs to be the same everywhere in the U.S. for safety. Hopefully this cold I have will be gone tomorrow and we will find some things to photograph and show from around Western Virginia.

Have a Good Evening and a Good Night

We Brush the edge of Richmond Va.

 Head off on Hwy 615

 Athena drives today

 Farm area

 Lots of Baptists churches

 Heading into the forest

 We put in for the night, what a long day.