Magic Kingdom

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posteb71 December 13, 2010 – One Cold Day at the Magic Kingdom – Rolling Shoe Box 

  Mom always said I’d get to to go to Disney World when it froze over! Well, it Did! Never dreamed ski jackets and parkas would be the attire of the day here in Florida, but they were certainly in order. We expected to be wanting the indoor rides and shows to get away from the heat, but we needed heat instead due to frigid winds. Currently it is in the 30′s right now and windy. Holly and Sarah had a great time today, we saw the whole park probably more than once, and rode Pirates of the Caribbean twice, even after being stuck on the people mover for over about an hour for some magical breakdown. There seemed to be a lot of gift shops and stores in the Magic Kingdom, with fewer but more elaborate rides than Disney Land in LA. Magic Kingdom is the gift shop addicts paradise. Left to her own, Sarah could keep busy in the the Magic Kingdom shops for life. The rides were OK too though; they all end in a gift shop. Well again I am dead tired and thus have little say…
Good Evening and Good Night…
 We enter Disney World Magic Kingdom

 Toy Story Parade

 It is Christmas, and it is very cold… Global Warming failing again!

 My Kids in front of the castle

 Splash Mountain stream

 Sarah Loves Splash Mountain

 This bear is in a real fix

 And so is this prince, he just does not know it yet.. 🙂

 Tom Sayer would have loved a motorized raft

 What to do when stuck on a broken down people mover all afternoon.

 Electric parade

 Something odd came over the castle

 But the fireworks were cool.