March 27, 2011 – Another spring day

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1701f March 27, 2011 – Another spring day – Rolling Shoe Box

and it was almost nothing but work! Once the kids finished school, Athena finished budget stuff, booking campgrounds for June, they hit the pool. This picture is why they close the pool off to kids from 4 to 5 pm, which was inconvenient to us since we just finished our day work at 3pm. The kids had a great time swimming though and the security dude dutifully stayed by their side to insure they would not forget to vacate the pool at exactly 3:50pm. It was great to see someone so dedicated to their work, but yet just a little creepy to be so carefully watched. I expect that the bark from 20 young people is not nearly so bad as the bite from one disgruntled adult, so he has great incentive to stay ready at his post. Not really a bother to us, the paranoia of us maybe violating a rule was just a little weird. Maybe we will swim tomorrow at exactly 3:20pm so that we can know that we have our own personal security guard. :) I am sad I am out of Rocky Road! Ever so depressing. So why don’t you share little virtual Rocky Road with me:

Good evening and good night