Marigolds Love Florida

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November 27, 2010 – Marigolds Love Florida – Rolling Shoe Box

  For Sarah’s Marigolds, Orlando is the happiest place on earth! This is the most growth we have seen in the entire calender year. We wondered off the campground to see Lake Louisa state park. The park has a couple lakes, some abandoned orange trees which are loaded with rotting oranges. (Illegal to pick) as they are from an old farm that the park acquired in the 50′s. It is a good thing they are preserving these trees, as oranges here really are becoming an endangered species due to urban sprawl. There was a sign at the lake telling us how great and refreshing the swimming is, nice showers and changing rooms, but a another sign at the waters edge that says “No Swimming”,  I guess the park service has a sense of humor be it slightly sick, it is humor. I am assuming the no swimming signs are complimentary to the “Do not feed the gator sign”  I guess the conservation department wants the gators to keep hunting properly and migrating properly, they can’t be fed, hence the sign no swimming. Good enough, swimming in 75 degree tea did not appeal to me any way. Other than a quick trip to the park, not much to report today.

Good evening and good night…

 View of Lake and beach

 Sarah looks at tea colored water

 Holly balancing on Snorkel root. Root is used by trees for breathing when water levels are high.

 Sarah falling off snorkel root

 Sign says tea colored water is great for swimming

 When you get to the lake, “No Swimming” The sign writers need to communicate with each other!

 Holly up a tree

 A lady took my camera and shot a picture of us