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MississippiSigne32eJanuary 12, 2011 – Travel to Mississippi – Rolling Shoe Box

We drive to Waveland, Mississippi today, fortunately not much to report. We did see another fine example of why this country is going broke and taxes are having to keep a steep ascent to stay in debt now. The rest area visitor center is a very large building probably 10K square feet in two stories, sports 3 lounge style sitting areas complete with a fire place, televisions, and free coffee. Two people are on staff to serve the beverage, and answer questions and third person is a contracted armed security guard to help us remember that the world is not a safe place to be, but the old guy and his gun did not do much for my comfort. First evil man who walks in will take out the guard before he noticed there was a problem, then proceed about his business. As a traveler, good parking, water, and clean restrooms would be more than sufficient. They could have saved a few billion over the next decade by limiting the rest area to these services. I did however find the building nice to hang out in and the people friendly. We drove 2 more hours to Buccaneer State Park, the roads were hard to drive on, and the route a mess, as they are all being rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina. The park will be nice when they get it done, and like everything else, they are sparing no expense. The unfortunate thing is the rail road tracks are busy and only 50 yards from the camp sites. I hate train noise when trying to sleep. Should not be too big a deal during the day as we plan to tour Western Mississippi and Eastern Louisiana.

Good evening and good night..


 View of bay as we cross into Mobile Al, from Florida

 Alabama Skyline, Only two buildings

 Downtown I-10 bypass of Mobile

 We find Mississippi

 Extravagant restrooms at the rest area

 One of three sitting areas in the rest area building. (Wonder what taxes are in this state! and what they will be in the future?)

 Really nice carving in a coffee table in the sitting room

 Our Camp Site, we finally made it.