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BigBirda29e November 29, 2010 – More Visitors – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box

These birds are so tame and still, they look like lawn art. I could not get close enough for a good picture though, as I do not know what they like to eat, therefore no bait. They are cool looking and make a noise like someone cranking in a broken awning. I wonder what other odd critters we will find as we hang out here? Not much to write today, I got up late, the trip to Daytona beach yesterday was tiring. Just went shopping at Walmart again, keep squandering our money on groceries, it is such a drag! What ever we buy for meals, it is guaranteed the kids will hate and get something else anyway. 🙂  Took a nice walk around a portion of the park, this evening. We have yet to see the whole campground, it is just too large for me to walk around. Maybe I will drive it once, just to know what the other side of it looks like.  Well, that is all there is for today.

Have a good evening and a good night….