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Athena5170December 11, 2010 – We visit Naples and take a cruise – Rolling Shoe Box 

We go see the town of Naples, then take a cruise on a little boat called the “Naples Princess” a very nice little boat. We would highly recommend this bay cruise, it is about the same price as the competition in the area and several classes above.  We were hoping to take some pictures of dolphins, but they were too shy. We saw two having a nice time along side the boat for a short while, but they spent most of their time under the water too deep to be seen. The captain also pointed out lots of homes and land along the water front. The spectacle of homes made it easy to understand how the Democrats could fool people into wanting higher taxes on the rich. The overly spectacular homes could certainly bother some folks. My feeling is these people already footing 90 percent of Americas bills and they should be left alone. I agree with Ray Stevens “If 10 percent is good enough for God, it ought to be good enough for Uncle Sam.”  If one figures all the government imposed fees from the federal to the local level, the average middle class person forks over 45% percent of his income, these guys fork over 70%. The democrats are now asking to reinstate the estate for a tax on the rich (Anyone with over 250K in assets) at 55% of the value of their property and possessions. The republicans have negotiated the percentage down to 35% and starting at five million. Sounds better, until one finds out that if the person was a sole proprietor and owns a business, the 5 million includes his property, racks, inventory ect.. Regardless of who wins on this one, there are two ways to solve this problem, form a corporation and have the corporation own everything you have, or slowly liquidate ones assets before moving on, and well party hard! Like the health care bill the big guys will find a way to be exempt, while the common man and small business foot the bill. Well enough of my rant on the government being too fat, and looking for further enlargement. Naples is a great place, we met a neat couple on the docks and visited with them a bit, we found out there are nearly 150 Golf courses in the area. (One could spend a life time just golfing). Since I am a real fan of boating, I would find this place heaven on earth. I could easily enjoy living on a yacht, but could never afford a slip. In all honesty our material needs are much simpler than most, and especially much lower than what we saw today. Good weather and open scenery are all I need.

Good Evening and Good Night…

A little home for about 2 million if you are willing to tear it down

This is more what the city would like to see go in. I wonder if there is RV Parking? Probably have to park on the back patio somewhere.

 Mom says I have champagne Taste, and a beer pocket book, but my taste goes way beyond champagne…

 But then again, I like this guys taste as well. His weathers better!

 Holly enjoys the boat ride.

The bar they said was rough. They call ripples waves, these they called gale force winds / waves. The real reason we did not cross is we did not want to spill the cocktails.

 Well it is time to come in from a nice cruise.

 Naples Christmas parade.

 My Christmas parade photography goes up in flames!