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October 31, 2010 – Natchez Trace to Nashville – Rolling Shoe Box

Well we took a nice drive on the Natchez Trace, then to Camping World, then to the Grand Ole’ Oprah. The Oprah house was unavailable so we took a detour and ended up at the Cooters! Talk about feeling old, the entire Dukes of Hazard series in a museum and gift shop. I thought it was pretty neat to see, the kids could not believe people would watch a show like that, and Daisy needed longer shorts! What we thought was cool, to the kids is trash.  Guess one persons treasure is another persons trash still rings true. The kids think Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea is Boring, has no plot, and could be reduced to 21 pages if the useless details were removed. The Classics are wasted on the young!
10312010 – Natchez Trace to Nashville – Family of 4 in a Rolling Shoe Box

Stream in Natchez Trace Famous for its waterfalls

 Pretty, but pale to bridle veil falls in Oregon.

 Old Natchez Trace Road

 Tobacco garden

 Looking down on Tennessee farms

 Really odd bark on this tree

 Holly walking Natchez ridge.

 Natchez trace the official boundary between the the US and the Chickasaw nation.  We found Dolly-wood of Dolly Pardon, Coal minors Daughter museum from Loretta Lynn, and finally The General Lee. All in Tennessee! The kids never heard of any of this and can’t believe we like it!

Have a Good Evening and Good Night…

Sure would like to trade the CRV for this
Sure would like to trade the CRV for this