New Orleans

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, you know where we are. We drove into New Orleans for a short day trip, and short is good. The city was a real mix of destroyed structures and repaired areas, but they did not bother with putting their homes on stilts. We drove by places where malls once existed but now only an abandoned parking area and a destroyed sears sign are left behind to tell the tale. The water front is the same as it was a decade ago, but has new things as well. One new thing is an eternal indoor shopping mall that seemed to take a life time to get from one end to the other. There were some gifts shops and a quality museum dedicated to the wonders of a good cocktail. We planned to ride the steam boat Natchez, but the boat was shut do to the cold weather. We ventured to Bourbon Street to get some lunch instead. We walked two blocks but hard core porn posters were every where, loud music (Not blues or Jazz), drunks, and it was not yet 3pm. We wondered into a few gift shops, but they were all filled with porn, so Sarah did not get to do any browsing. We could not stand to walk the street to a couple of Blues clubs I know about, so we headed home. Bourbon street is much more corrupt and detestable than I remembered. I thought it was too bad Katrina did not wipe it out too. Athena says if they are willing to put 7million into a luxury rest area, what would FEMA do if they rebuilt Bourbon street. Can’t imagine the luxury that can be built into liqueur establishments.  I think the entire area should be gated off 100 miles north and used as a wild life preserve, the Sky scrapers in New Orleans would make great bird houses. Just a thought. :)

Good evening and good night…