Not as Planned – But I chopped off Holly’s Finger

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November 1, 2010 – Not as Planned – Rolling Shoe Box

Planned to scrub the roof, treat the roof, replace the roof vent then wax the exterior and clean house. Well, we got to the roof vent, and like last time Holly was lending a hand. This time things did not go so well, during the test of the fan, Holly got bit and it was nasty. We tested out the small town Dr.’s in Hohenwald Tennessee. They took Holly right in cleaned out the wounds, checked for torn ligaments, broken bones and being satisfied that no damage of that kind was done, sewed her finger back up. So Holly is sore and has to have a finger full of stitches for quite some time. So no pictures today, and not much more to say other than we wish Tylenol had more painkiller. Tomorrow we head for Alabama.

Have a Good Evening and Good Nigh