Nothing happened

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November 26, 2010 – Nothing happened – Rolling Shoe Box 

Holly was up and gone as soon as school was done, did not see her all day. I fixed three bikes, had to put brakes on one, tires, and adjust brake cables, so I learned a lot about caliper brakes. We decided to go to the Bonanza mini golf this evening, Holly was angry because I forgot to invite her new friend. It was rather rude of me to be sure, but I did not even think of it. I have a long way to go in the hospitality department. He went home, and Holly came with us under protest, and golf would have been more fun had we not gone.  Yesterday I tip insultingly low and the campground hears about, today I forget to buy pizza and golf and we hear about it. I may be incorrigible! We had all you and eat pizza, but a it was more like all you can tolerate pizza. “Some times, Bad is BAD” Glad we had a coupon. The best part of the day, is Athena and Sarah cut open their Palmetto (over sized grape fruit) they picked in the orchard. They say it is sweet, and taste something like a store grapefruit..

Good Evening and Good Night…