October 14, 2010 – We found a shuttle – National Air and Space Museum Dulles

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October 14, 2010 – We found a shuttle – National Air and Space Museum Dulles


Athena and Sarah stare into the nose of the Space Shuttle Enterprise. What a find! It is huge to stand near, but small if placed against a 747. The shuttle took quite a bit of work to cleanup and get ready for display. There was a lot of dust, and lots of paint chips from space flight that the keepers felt they needed to repair. Some areas looked fake to me, it may have something to do with the repairs they made. Seems like it would have been better left in its original conditions so onlookers could get a better understanding of the riggers of space flight. None the less, it was cool to get to see the shuttle in any form. Another aircraft we saw was the Stealth Bomber, boy is it sleek. We saw lots of other planes as well from just about every era and use. The plane that I don’t get, is the Concord jet, capable of hauling about 80 passengers at a cruising speed of 13 hundred miles per hour! That is one fast trip across the country. The jet was discontinued after a loss of one a few years back. It seems reasonable to me to build another fleet just like it, and air force one should be using them. These Concords are a nearly forgotten marvel.

We found the Space Shuttle. Took the picture off center to reveal a whole wing.

 Holly Models the latest in Space Flight Technology

 Cockpit view. Lots of buttons, “Qwerty” is more than I can deal with. (Photo is taken of a photo at the museum)

 Emergency backup astronauts kept in cold storage.

 Another famous air craft. Its last flight was from LAX to Dulles. Took 1 hour and 7 minutes. Remember this when you take South West Air.  The airlines have a lot of room for improvement with these stats!

 Top view of Stealth

 Dulles Tower viewed from the observation deck at the Smithsonian