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March 4, 2011 – Oklahoma – Rolling Shoe Box 

Oklahoma-Oh.Yippy yippa yoma. Yes, I had to promise my kids I wouldn’t sing that song again, before we could go today. We drove north from Lake Texoma through the countryside and found a lake and a waterfall today. Both were near I-35, but we found a way to drive a lot more back roads than necessary, due to using our old GPS. This picture is off the top of Tucker Tower at Lake Murray. It is a very clear lake in the middle of Oklahoma. Most of the lakes here, and all the this stone tower and castle were part of the CCC projects in the 1930s. The tower was build as the Governer’s Summer Retreat, but when the Feds found out about it, it got shutdown before the inside was finished. Got finished privately in the 1950s, and is now used as a nature center for the lake.
Next, we went to Tucker Falls( Tucker was the senator who got the money for all this stuff.) It is cool, but very commerizated. It has a 2 snack shacks right by the waterfall, and the parking lot is along the stream that flows from the falls. It has a swimming area, and charges $11 a head in the summer. There are also private rental cabins in the park, almost up to the falls. It is hard to appropriate how pristine Oregon’s waterfalls are, until you see what other places do to theirs.

Good Evening and Good Night.