On the move again!

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365170March 17, 2011 – On the move again! – Rolling Shoe Box

This cute little thing is living in the cactus plants in our campground. Things I learned today:
1.There are skyscrapers in the desert. Midland, Texas, home of Presidents Bush, is in the middle of nowhere. Midway between Dallas and El Paso, in the oil plains of West Texas. I have never seen so many windmills or oil derricks. I guess it is a good use for the desert.
2. There is a ghost town, Orla, on Hwy 285, with a suspected population of two( we saw them both) with a post office. Good use of federal money.
3. Scientist think that the mountain ranges on the Texas/New Mexico border were once a 400 mile wide coral reef.  Check it out.  https://www.nps.gov/gumo/naturescience/geologicformations.htm That enough learning for today-  Athena
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