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November 18, 2010 – We arrive in Orlando – Rolling Shoe Box

First thing we find in our campground is a little good advice delivered by the sign in the picture. Says Alligators eat fish, small animals, larger game when they can catch it and an occasional human as an appetizer. OK, I made up the appetizer part. Today’s drive was 46 miles and 1.5 hours and we only got lost once in a high end residential neighbor hood which the GPS insisted was our RV park. We met a friendly resident who assured us that the GPS was indeed incorrect, and that the housing community was not an RV resort. Our resort was a mile up the road in the next housing development.  Happily, the development had two entrances and we did not have to turn around to leave. We finally arrived at our park, and it is the nicest and best kept park we have ever been to, and the check in staff were on the ball and friendly. We were really shocked at the service. Now only to figure out what we can afford to do, or will do in spite of affordability in Central Florida. Stay tuned :)

Have a good evening and a good night …

Entering Clermont – Cypress Tower

Bird watching humans

Dusk in the park

Pond behind our camp site