Pensacola Should Be Condemned

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Beach25170 January 9, 2011 – Check out the beaches – Rolling Shoe Box 

On stormy days, the Gulf makes waves. I hear tell, they will get eleven footers tomorrow and the surfers will be happy as clams. Our drive around the Pensacola area today over all did not impress us. Pensacola Beach may be fun to visit in the summer, but it is down right cold. Pensacola, is for the most part appears as a town of yesteryear with little run down homes that should for the most part be condemned, along with crime running rampant here. Drivers seem to think they are Californians, but the reality according to sign we read is they are just rednecks in the heart of the redneck Riviera.  Hopefully our trip tomorrow to get our mail takes us into more affluent areas with people who drive like they have a license.  Last of all, Pensacola is not the place for snow birds, too cold! Go south! We are very soon. We have changed our route, no longer headed to Arkansas, we are headed just South of Corpus Christi Texas ASAP!

Good Evening and Good Night…


If you like to picnic on the beach, walk your dog, or hit golf balls, don’t go to the Florida beaches. All that is illegal here. Pet loving snow birds need not spend their time in money here.

Wife and kids see what the Gulf looks like in stormy weather. Heard that we can expect the tide to rise 2′ above highest high tonight, 1″ of rain, flooding and 40mph winds, and temperatures in the high 30’s. Conclusion – Sounds like Florida has some areas with Oregon Climate.

 View of Perdido Key beach, about a mile from our campsite.

 Pensacola beach, about 15 miles from our campsite.

 Oil spill clean up crew. The real mess appears to be destroyed roads from old hurricanes, but oil spill cleanup pays better than storms and makes better news.

 Road home from Pensacola beach.

 We end up at the laundry room

 Our day ends in the dryer.