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Beach5170January 8, 2011 – We Moved to Pensacola today! – Rolling Shoe Box 

We have a Beach! Drove 190 miles west on highway 10. For those of you in Oregon who think $3.15 a gallon is fair, I just paid $2.98 a gallon here in Florida. Think about that when you reelect the people who allow more taxes on fuel. Seeing today’s headlines about the government officials and others being blown away in Arizona, makes one ill. The Polls are were we cast our votes in the USA; and that is what makes us great, we don’t need to kill others just because we differ with their view points. Study your voting books and vote for people who will make good decisions and put people in who are aligned with your beliefs. I was not going to mention politics today, but this news proves our nations health is on the brink. Within the limits of our constitution we need provide public safety, turn our hearts to God, pray for guidance, and pray that we do not become a violent nation like those we so often read about in far away lands. Now that we are all on the same page, we can again talk about Florida. We are in Big Lagoon State Park, which appears to be very nice for a state campground; and the picnic area is over the top in fancy facilities. The park like the last one is 20 miles south of I-10 and kind of a slow drive. This park is not so quiet though, as there is a big air base on the edge of the property and the jets are very loud. My cold seems to be gone finally! My muscles revolting though and my normal level of Advil and Tylenol is not keeping up. Maybe some sleep will help.

Good Evening and Good Night…


Looks like we found white sand for real.

 Sarah investigates the pond

 Wow, this picnic pavilion is over the top fancy!

 Looking out toward the gulf.