Rabbit, Rabbit

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6March 1, 2011 – Rabbit, Rabbit – Rolling Shoe Box 

Can you believe it? It is March 1 already. We arrived at our new home, Lake Texoma this afternoon. Weather was freezing this morning, the pipes were frozen again. This evening it was 75 degrees and sunny, no guessing the Texas weather.  The image in this entry is the dirt on the edge of the lake, rocks and dirt never cease to amaze us, not because of its ability to get into everything, but because of its color, we have seen grey, green, blue and every color in between on this trip, we wish we had a second trailer just to collect samples from the entire country to bring home. Peter Pan, if you are still wondering what makes the Red man Red,  here is his secret. Obviously there is not much for us to report other than we have arrived in a new campground on the Oklahoma border and are safely in our space for the next two weeks.

Good evening and good night….