Rolling down I-81 thru Knoxville on our way to Mammouth Cave Ky

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// October 24, 2010 – Rolling down I-81 thru Knoxville on our way to Mammouth Cave Ky. – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box //

   Sarah admires the river from our campsite this afternoon. We traveled south along the Appalachian mountains through Virginia and into Tennessee. The drive was again beautiful with no slowdowns, construction or tolls. We of course are on our way to Kentucky and have chosen to drive around West Virginia to avoid the freeway trolls. So far we have avoided every toll road in America in the RV. Since were heading in a westerly direction today and being in the south we did manage to get a one fingered wave near the Bristol Motor Speedway. (I guess we were driving too slow. The guy was probably and import from California! Like stink bugs, these imports are every where.)  Tennessee is pretty, but Athena and I both have this cold now, so we will be forced to slow down a bit. Today we enjoy the fall colors and this park, tomorrow we see Kentucky.

Good Evening and Good Night…

PS: It is 85 degrees here, and sunny. The pool is closed for the winter due to cold weather. Glad we are not here in the summer!

10242010 – Driving the I-80 the Appalachian trail – Family of 4 in a Rolling Shoe Box

Driving along the mountain top

 There are a lot of religious places here

 Try this in Portland Or.

 Bristol Motor Speedway. (Use caution they drive fast!)

 Tennessee state line

 Campground church

 People early to service get the swing

 The campground / church office at Riverside RV.