RV gets its last professional bath

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coach5170 // November 24, 2010 – RV gets a professional bath – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box //

I wanted to get our semi annual wax job on the RV, but had no way to do it due to RV parks not allowing the washing of RV’s. The park here in Orlando recommended we hire PCS “Professional Coach Services” to do the job. They came with a 25′ cargo trailer loaded with their tools and 3 energetic young guys. The fourth guy just collects the money and asks other people if they want their RV washed and waxed. They were hard workers, they immediately jumped up on the roof with brushes and a power washer making quite a racket. They made us very nervous as the ceiling flexed under their weight. Sarah was so upset, she hid under the table expecting one of them to drop in any moment. They then power washed the entire RV getting the bulk of the dirt and calcium deposits off. The entire process took them about 2 hours. I am not sure what the deal was, but they could not shut up about how I needed to take better care of the RV by washing and waxing it at least twice a year. We wash it at least once a month, but I am guessing that being on the road the way we are probably makes it appear more neglected than it is. Two weeks ago, I scrubbed the roof with a scrub pad, and Athena put down a protector on the roof; which we will need to reapply since they power washed it. There were a few spots Athena and I missed, so after they left, I went up there and looked, and the power washing technique made more noise than it did cleaning, so we will catch these places next time. The sides were power washed as well and the work went quickly. I think our slow method of washing with our brush, hose, RV soap uses less water, and is more effective. After power washing, they went over it again with sponges. Then they dried it by hand and hand waxed everything. In the end, the RV looks great, there are a few spots that needed black streak remover and I will have to redo those when we find a place that will let me. I need to do this so that the black streaks don’t eat into the fiber glass. These guys are worth hiring, they washed and waxed the car and the RV for $250.00.  Since we don’t have a ladder, it was worth it to get the wax done. We will go back with sealant now and seal any spots that came lose from the pressure washer. This morning, we went and did my least favorite activity and got groceries at Walmart. After the RV bath, the kids went swimming. They had a great time at the pool, met several other kids their age to visit with. Afterward, Athena, Sarah  and I walked around the park a bit and saw a plane writing the gospel in the sky.

Good Evening and Good night…

Power wash and hand wax car and RV for $250.00 plus tip. (My tip was too low, I wonder what it should have been.) I hate tipping, its uncomfortable.

 Front before

 Front after

Side before wash and wax

 Side after – Looks better. RV park here only allows commercial RV wash. RV owners have to hire out. I was desperate to get this thing waxed.

 Sarah Sees something in the sky

 Plane is writing a note

 Jesus Loves You

 Birds watching us.