San Marco

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Holly5170December 10, 2010 – Travel to San Marco area – Rolling Shoe Box 

Drove 200 miles, saw 109 Dark green alligators laying out enjoying the sun as we crossed the Everglades. We know for sure, we are uninterested in traversing this region on foot. To get to the beach we drove through a housing developments where the starter homes will set one back a few million. I guess when you think about it that way, the $8.00 we had to pay to park at the county beach was not that bad, but still too expensive to do every day.  The beach was interesting, looked to be about a mile long and a quarter mile wide and perfectly groomed. (Someone uses a tractor and a rake and rakes the entire beach.) I am guessing since it is not legal for people to use the beaches after sunset, this is when it is raked. What a big waste of money!!!! The beach would be pretty without being raked really… The fuel stations around the park here are charging $3.40 a gallon for regular, but one can fill up in San Marco area for a mere $3.05, so at least there is some relief to be found. Well, this head cold I have makes my head feel like it is going to explode shortly, so this is all I have for tonight. There are pictures of today’s sights in pictures and notes.

Good Evening and Good Night …

Sunrise over the Atlantic at Marathon Key

 I drive off the keys


 4 inch Grass Hopper

 Kids practice gym

 Sun Set at San Marco Island Beach.