See the rest of the family save one

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March 13, 2011 – See the rest of the family save one – Rolling Shoe Box 

Lindsey is not in the picture, as she took it for us. It sure is a good thing we are all great looking; since we decided to put this picture on the internet. Tayler is on the left, then Joan, Nick, Christi, Amy, Landon, Sarah, Darin, Athena, and Holly. The internet here at the park and our Verizon internet card are not behaving, and we are too tired to work on this any further tonight, but we did have a good day visiting all these nice people, unfortunately Jeff was unable to make it.  Tomorrow will be our last day at Lake Texoma, then we hit the road again on Tuesday. We will post more pictures tomorrow, as for now, we are going lay in our beds and listen to the thunder roll.

Good evening and good night