Serious Grass!

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Never seen grass this tall before, looks like it could be used for building homes. {oops, looks like someone stole our grass.} We did a lot of nothing today. Read more in Acts, but I forgot what we read except that Paul got mad at one of his partners and they had to part ways.The Jews and Paul discussed circumcising all the genitals, but they voted against it. They decided to tell the Gentiles to just have moral sex and eat no bloody meat and one other thing that I seem to have forgotten, instead of getting circumcised and living by Jewish law. I think the Jewish christian counsel voted against circumcising all the gentiles because it would be a lot of work, and probably would not pay very well. (Lucky for the Gentiles.) After Bible study we took a walk in the park, the kids played on a neat play ground, we walked by the parks destroyed water park, played on the beach and I took a trail as a shortcut back to the RV. Sarah and Athena followed me. We saw a cool estuary and lots of grasses and trees, but walked for over an hour only to end up at the point where the trail started, nice walk, poor shortcut. Holly never missed us, she sat on the merry go round texting people. Last, but not least we did laundry again, I wounder if it would be cheaper to put our clothes in the campfire when done wearing them and get more when grocery shopping, Walmart has everything these days.

 Merry Go Round?! I have not seen one of these in years! Greatest toy we ever lost.

 Holly test out the play thing.

 I threw Sarah against the wall, and she stuck.

 Water slide with an abrupt end!

 Wave pool could not handle the wave.

 Park ranger office gets a raise.

 Sarah and Athena enjoy the beach.

 Estuary in the park.

 Even the swamp creatures nip at the bottle a bit too much in the south. Drunks are everywhere.

 We blow another $15.00 at the laundry. Athena and the girls do their normal. She reads crazy stuff, they listen.