Sesquicentennial State Park Columbia Sc

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11092010 – Columbia SC – Sesquicentennial-Park – Family of 4 in a Rolling Shoe Box

11092010 – Columbia SC – Sesquicentennial-Park

Sarah Feeds the Geese. The geese are in jail.

 They like it in jail; kids bring bread and water

But the kids could always bring more bread. Please…

 Cindy’s son, Athena Sarah and Holly try to get the dog to cross the foot bridge. Dog says no! Not going until the bridge dries..

There is a pretty pond in the park and the leaves are turning. Very nice time of year. 75 degrees and sunny, who could ask for more.

Time to make cookies, listen to books and draw pictures. End of another day..

November 9, 2010 – Visit Cindy at Sesquicentennial State Park Columbia Sc. – Rolling Shoe Box 

  Cindy is on the right, Holly is standing behind Cindy and Geordon under foot. The dog Thunder (He’s kinda mellow for his name) and my better half Athena on the left holding Sarah in place. Cindy’s husband Danny and his daughter are at home during this picture, we saw them earlier in the day. Danny and Cindy bought us lunch at IHOP, which was incredibly nice of them. It was nice to see Cindy and see she is doing well. We enjoyed Danny, he reminds us of Micheal Burton, so we had a very nice time visiting with Cindy and Danny. Ashley could not make it, Danny’s daughter (Forgot her name) was a pleasure for Holly to visit. I thought Geordon was a lot of fun.  Cindy forgive me for butchering the spelling of your family’s names. Anyway, it was nice to get know the family and see everyone doing so well.

The park is a pretty park, the temperature was a perfect 75, the fall colors were out, the pond was absolutely beautiful. We could not have found a better place, day and people to spend it with.

Have a good evening and a good night…