Site of the Civil War treaty Sigining Appomattox Va

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October 21, 2010 – We visit the site of the Civil War treaty Sigining Appomattox Va. – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Boxa. where Robert E. Lee out of supplies and low on moral was cut off from reaching Lynchburg where they hoped a train load of fresh supplies would arrive. The union troops ran them out to the end and Robert E. Lee fought the last fight and gave over the South. A treaty was signed in this house, and a few days later a small ceremony of turning over arms was performed and 28000 printed pardons were handed to all of the Southern troops. Had Lincoln not been shot a few days later, the US would have well been on its way to complete unity. I can never do much for history in these blogs, but each of these places offers a lot of information we never dealt with in school, and some information that just does not match what we commonly know. These little stops while traveling the country are great little lessons. I have more pictures, but I am going to post them later in the week, I have other demands of my time tonight.
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Adult lounge deck at our park.

 View of the pond here at the park. Full of E-coli though

 General view of the RV Park

 Appomattox courthouse square where civil war ended


 House where the treaty was signed

 The civil war treaty was signed here with little fan fare and little haggling. Two men politely met together, discussed some common knowledge and the the south was allowed to surrender the war with dignity. The South was required to surrender their weapons and colors, and in exchange were given honorary discharge papers for a well fought fight and were sent home with no legal repercussions.