Solve one Electrical Problem

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Wifelectric5170 December 29, 2010 РSolve one Electrical Problem РRolling Shoe Box 

Athena is replacing the final item that was ripped out while looking for why there was no electricity to the right side of the RV. I tore stuff apart all after noon, and was so frustrated in trying to find the circuit the stove and lights are on. I would follow it out to its logical places, but dead end, the wire color would change. So I had enough, and was going to quit looking. Athena walked in and while talking to her I saw a wire under the stove and gave a yank. Seems like a stupid thing to do, but I am glad I did. The wire came right out in my hand even though it was the wrong color. Turns out they had spliced the wire under the stove with a short piece of scrap wire. We found the slide for the kitchen had cut the wire. We found the live end of the wire under the RV, and gave it a yank, and a few sparks later we had the other end in our hand as well. We found a safe place under RV the and spliced the wires back together and ran the splice through an empty rubber tube that was already in place to the stove. Now all the electric works again, we are so happy. We now can say one battle has been won!Good Evening and Good Night!