South Carolina

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November 10, 2010 – Travel to the SE tip of South Carolina – Rolling Shoe Box

OK, we have been dropped in a strange new land. Athena and Sarah are examining new seeds and nuts they found on the ground in our campsite, and none are recognizable. The trees and plants all look different, and are full of rambunctious squirrels. We took a walk around their pond today, it was a nice walk on a mowed grass path. We were minding our own business when suddenly an alligator about three feet in length jumped from the bank, a distance of his body length straight out into the pond. He hit with a splash and was gone.  Sarah did not appreciate this at all, and was sure we should return to the RV at once and avoid lakes, grass and the like from now on. I am not sure what those things eat, but they must need a lot in order to grow like they do. I am sure people are not their normal fare, as he seemed as scared of me as I was startled. The campground hosts said these gators are hard to see until they move and rarely ever bother a person, but if they attack run away in a zig zag as gators can’t zig zag, but they travel at 35 MPH. Wish I knew someone slower than me to take on our next walk.

Have a good evening and a good night

11102010 – Plants in The Oaks At South Point, South Carolina – Family of 4 in a Rolling Shoe Box

 OK, this is a weird Acorn

 Miniature pumpkin

 No Idea what this is. Solid core fruit.

 Long moss hanging from trees

 Palm like fern

Little visitor, Most of these we have been green.