South Carolina

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November 6, 2010 – Travel to South Carolina – Rolling Shoe Box

The roads and the drivers in Atlanta are narley!  We drove I-65 to I-20 to I-75 to I-85 to Carolina Landing just out side the North East Georgia border in South Carolina. Was a long drive, about 325 miles from Hidden Cove Alabama. (Just try to find these places on a map!) I can’t. Never the less, we made it. The traffic laws must be different in Georgia, as people seemed to make it a point to drive around us using the emergency lane while merging onto the freeway. They had an interesting technique: 1. Observe there is an on coming RV coming down the freeway in the right lane, and it might be where I want to be. 2. Slow down pretend to pull in behind RV. 3. Observe: I am behind the RV, that is bad so steer hard right into emergency lane squeeze in tight along side RV so as to stay in its blind spot. 3. Push petal to the metal until just in front of RV. Pull hard left in front of RV to attempt to stay in blind spot, if RV hits me, just part of the game, if not, I am now in front of RV and never used any of the seven lanes provided for driving and passing. This type of mentality is true Georgia! No matter how hard those people with the fancy cars tried to get us to hit them, they never succeeded, as we used our breaks! Atlanta’s freeway designs are a true marvel, most intersections were very interesting, and many of the freeways were 7 to 8 lanes in each direction and full of cars traveling 65 to 75 miles per hour. The traffic must cause high turnover in the Atlanta Police department as they have a permanent bill board on the freeway ” Atlanta PD Now Hiring”
The RV park here in South Carolina is a Thousand Trails park, but is in dire need of a rebuild. The roads in here are rutted, steep, and narrow, we managed to find a reasonably accessible site, but felt we were among the lucky. Well I guess that is all there is for now, Alabama was nice, the people were friendly, and the Arley Post Office even called me to tell me they had my mail this morning. We were so pleased that we got our mail, it had the temp tag for the car. The one we had expires tomorrow. We are now good until December 15! Athena calls this just in time delivery. I am just glad it came.  Well I am exhausted so no more to say…

Good Evening and Good Night…