Spring might have arrived, and none too soon

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12March 3, 2011 – Spring might have arrived, and none too soon – Rolling Shoe Box 

We hung out in the park today, and took a walk, there are white flowers all over the trees and bushes, and blue ones all over the ground. Looks like a pretty spring is upon us. The weather is hot today, it cooled off this evening, we were going to write the blog out side where the air is cooler and fresh, but could not get internet out there. Technology is so unpredictable!. Well, we are dead exhausted, so this is the end of another Texas day. (Note: We had to add the word Texas, as nothing in sentence in Texas is complete until the word Texas appears.)

Good evening and good night…

PS: Oregon, Get a Life! Confederate flags are everywhere in the South! we have to see one with Redneck written on it like the one that KATU did their story on this morning though. https://www.katu.com/news/117330013.html