Spring Planting

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3February 20, 2011 – Spring Planting – Rolling Shoe Box 

   All the plants died over last weeks winter, so now that spring is here today we are putting in the Pansies. This is the first year we have ever lost a garlic plant. I guess 10 is too cold for garlic. While Athena and Sarah were planting Pansies, I blew up th Pictures and notes page on Google, and had to replace the pictures and notes page.  I was just trying to delete an image from it to make room for more as Google has a limit on space. One click blew up 52 pages in 2 minutes. Took four hours to rebuild the pictures and notes page, and only 5 minutes to recover all the sub pages when I accidentally stumbled into a button called “Restore” now I feel sheepish and tired. So far everything I have worked on lately has either been destroyed or something next to it has been destroyed. It is amazing Athena lets me touch things. No more pictures and notes, but we have nice flowers though….