Stayed in camp today

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November 15, 2010 – Stayed in camp today – Rolling Shoe Box 

We decided it was a good day not to do anything. Athena washed the windows, did a deep clean of the rv interior, then she climbed up on the roof and coated the roof in rubber roof protectant, all while helping the girls with their school work. (Super wife). I rested as the last few days took a toll on me.  After that we walked up to the pool; where I napped while the girls swam. They were only able to swim about 20 minutes though as the pool is un heated and only 77 degrees; which feels quite cold compared to the 80 degree temperature out side. While in our campsite I saw some disturbing creatures that travel across the ground at very high speeds. Critter number one is a yellow furry spider about the size of a quarter, he climbed into the marigolds, but must not have liked them as he exited the pot of flowers as quickly as he entered them. Critter number 2 was a two inch long bright orange and somewhat fury ant, to scale, it travels across the ground at sixty mph. The last of the strange creatures I found when I reached into the electrical box to plug in the RV, Bees (Shiver me timbers) in a nest right where I grabbed. When I opened the box many fell on the ground while others flew around me, the odd thing is even though I fondled their nest, not one stung me. The bees only seemed to mildly care that I smashed their home and sprayed them with bee spray. We are not sure we like the Floridian insect population, the bugs are huge and look scary!

Good evening and good night