Surrender Day at Yorktown Plus Dolphins

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// October 19, 2010 Surrender Day at Yorktown plus dolphins – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box //

The park ranges were waiting with light flashing for our entry into Yorktown Battlefield National Park. It was very busy and it was free today, as it is the anniversary of the day General Cornwallis surrendered in the last battle of the Revolutionary War. We got to see the Army Old Guard Fife and Drum ( plus Bugle) play in the battlefield. They were dressed Red with Blue trim, and all wore wigs, even the women. They marched and played for about 1/2 hour.
After all that, we drove to First Landing State Park, next to Virginia Beach. Darin told the girls any history they learning at this stop was accidental. Such enough, there was a very small museum about Jamestown, but we knew most of that from visiting Jamestown yesterday. Mostly, we had fun at the long but not very wide beach.There were many large ships in the Chesapeake Bay to look at.  The most fun was to see the dolphins play. I had never seen a dolphin in the wild, and we saw about twenty I would guess. I saw one jump out of the water. Awesome! Also, we observed diffenent kind of osters and crabs then they have in Oregon. Horseshoe crab shells were about 18 inches long, and pilled up, so you can tell a large group of people had a feast on the beach. Tiny sand crabs very almost invisible, as their shells and legs have the same color and pattern as sand.
Can’t forget the mention the steak. We ended the day Golden Coral Buffet, all you can eat steak, great salads and rolls. The dessert could use improvement, but after all the good food, who’s to complain. That’s enough for one day folks. See you again tomorrow.

10192010 – Surrender Day at Yorktown – Family of 4 in a Rolling Shoe Box

10192010 – Surrender Day at Yorktown

 Army Drum and Fife Band, dressed for 1781

 Nice sound, Fifes make very high notes

 Driving Under the Bay, 50 feet under .

 We found Virginia Beach

 Don’t tell her, but I think she is having fun.

 Sarah’s creation

Too much history, time for fun.

 Looks like they have beached the Navy Destroyer.

That can’t be good! We have got to go!