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DinnerIsServed5170 November 25, 2010 – Thanksgiving – Rolling Shoe Box 

To us, this just seems wrong! 85 degrees, sun, and palm bushes surround our out door Thanksgiving dinner, instead of warmth of the indoors and frigid fall weather outside. We all miss our family at home, but enjoy the company of each other, and are thankful that we are able to celebrate dead turkey day together. I guess the weather was so bad at home most everyone celebrated the holiday separately anyway. Though Thanksgiving seems odd in what appears to be summer in November, we think everyone in our family should celebrate the holiday here together next year. :) Life gets stranger, Holly, Sarah and Athena are wrapping Christmas presents right now as I write this. Maybe Christmas really does come in July and I am lost in time.

Good evening and good night…

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 Sarah Preps the potatoes

 Dinner is served

 Sarah Teaches me soccer while Athena cleans up

 Holly looking for a guy she met

 Sarah wondering why Holly is on the play structure

 Sarah decides “her loss, I will just enjoy the pool.

 I’ll have a little pie with my whip cream please.