The Best views are wasted on Walmart

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15170March 28, 2011 – The Best views are wasted on Walmart – Rolling Shoe Box

After school, swimming and a game of pool, we had to do the nasty and get groceries. Some clouds and 80 degrees, made it very hard to do any kind of work, with determination, school was a success. The second interesting phenomenon we noticed to day is that nearly every one from the Mid west and east has left the park, we got two new neighbors one on each side of us, they are CALIFORNIANS! In fact, the park is now infested with Californians and Oregonians with a smattering of Arizonians here and there. We were slow getting to the West coast, so they came to us… That concludes another day of strange observations by your favorite demented and slightly sociable family who is out of Rocky Road! but we have Cookies Dough!Have a good evening and a good night!