The calm before the storm

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1eb71March 21, 2011 – The calm before the storm – Rolling Shoe Box

Headed out at the crack of dawn this morning. The sky was clear and the sunrise inviting, but the day had just begun. Got on the freeway drove to the filling station blocked in by a lady doing her make up, and two semis to the side, making it a longer stop than planned. Got on the road again, 5 minutes later we hit a permanent border patrol installation. For us it was no big deal, but the pickup in front of us was not so lucky, the drug sniffing dog really wanted a piece of that pickup. The patrol guys just asked us if we were citizens and sent us on our way. Seems crazy to have border patrol on interstate freeways that do not connect to the border, especially since they only ask if one is a citizen. Once we escaped the border slowdown, we got slammed with 60 MPH winds for the next 200 miles. The high winds made for a hard day. Once we were rested, we spent the evening at Saguaro National Park looking at the local dessert in Tuscon Arizona.