The keys

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Oh so worth it. Traffic was nasty, they closed one freeway for a motorcycle toy drive, Our freeway was closed for a fatal motor cycle accident, then we had to run down hwy 1, where we just slipped by in time to avoid another three hour closure for the Christmas parade. Once free from all that, we had lots of construction to contend with. The last obstacle was the strangest of them all, it was an old man who like to drive 20 MPH on the hwy when ever the scenery was worth looking at. This seemed to agitate the other motorist, one so much so that when he passed, he tried to give the old man the finger, but flipped off his sun glasses. The glasses flew out the window and were instantly crushed by a following car. I am not sure the old man got the message, but I am sure the mad man was out a pair of glasses. After all that, our campground was a site for sore eyes. The place is really pretty, there are lots of birds, lots of fish, and no beach here. Tomorrow we look for beaches, and go to key west in search of last weeks mail.

Good evening and good night