The Laundry Fairy is 10

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February 15, 2011 – Laundry Fairy – Rolling Shoe Box 

She is only 10, but a real big help today. Holly and Athena did Math while Sarah and I escaped with the Laundry. We had to search a while for an actual Laundry mat. The GPS led us to a couple close by, but they were only dry cleaners. I was pretty sure water would be required for our job, so we kept looking. After wondering about 30 minutes away and into Plano Tx, We found a Laundry mat. Everything was in Spanish, but Sarah was able to get the job done. Sarah directed us back to camp, as the GPS refused to show me the way, I think it was pouting over my distrust of it. Holly was glad I brought Sarah, she was sure I would still be touring North Texas even now  as this blog is being written. When we arrived back at the RV it was my turn to work, I had to fight the electrical demon and fix the window washer motor. Turns out the motor is fine, there is no power going down the wire, Athena and I pulled the instrument panel and looked for bad wires and found none. It was left to me to put the dash and steering coulumn back together. The motor still does not work, the passenger mirror motor does not work, and now due to my work skills the steering column looks a little different than it did before. Well the electrical demons won this round, but be they ware, we may call in the electrical gods to eradicate these pesky creatures! (If we can find some electrical gods.)  Another day shot death and another few minutes squandered on blogging, now it is time crash into bed.

Good evening and good night….