The reading room

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Nogoodpictures5170October 30, 2010 – We hung out in the reading room – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box 

  The girls paid for a hayride / haunted house tour here at the parks Halloween bash. They are walking back from the hayride, but only they show up in the picture as the camera can’t see very well in the dark. (I think it is getting old like me.) The girls enjoyed the hay ride, but did not appreciate the gory theme and had a real distaste for the haunted house as they did not feel it was an activity that was congruent to their Christian belief system. (I was proud of them for that thought and their decision.) Tennessee in my opinion is the most interesting state yet, as the people really use the English language differently, unfortunately, the people we spoke with and listened to fit the stereotypical uneducated back woods hicks played on television with the drawl and mispronounced or misused words. Their speech, word selection and sentence construction was so different from ours that we found them very difficult to understand without careful attention. We did however appreciate their openness and friendliness toward strangers. Outside of what has been written here, there is not much to note today. The weather was in the 20′s last night and our water supply lines were frozen when we woke up. We had to turn on the pump and use the water from the fresh water tank until the sun warmed up the water hose enough to thaw.  The high though was near 80 this afternoon, but we were in the club house reading room reading magazines and books. Holly and Sarah are now reading “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”  hopefully it is better than “Journey to the center of the earth” That’s all there is today.

Have a Good Evening and Good Night …