This Campground is a zoo…

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December 3, 2010 – This Campground is a zoo… – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box 

We are camped in the middle of the Lion Country Wild Life Safari in Loxahatchee Florida. This Safari makes the Winston Wild Life safari in Oregon, look tame. Naturally since we got the admission to the safari with our camp site we took a drive. We posted a link in pictures and notes:—cross-traffic-of-another-kind go there to see what we found. As one can tell the Giraffe is a very friendly sort, as he thinks you may have, or may be food. Other than wonder through a park of interesting animals, we did not do much today, but it was fun, we saw lots of animals doing things we can’t mention on a family oriented site, and many doing my favorite activity SLEEPING. Which I now plan to do..

Good Evening and Good Night…

Ostrich says hello

 Now a wilder beast stops in front of us.

 A giraffe – This road is a #!## zoo..

 Really Were not kidding about the zoo.

 Now a Zebra? What Next?!

 UH, We should had bought a larger car! The odds are not in our favor.

 Thankfully he turned, but he is a little close to the cars paint.

Single Animals
 Little cow

 Little doe

 “Is he dead yet? We can wait around…

 Party animals! When a couple mate, All the males spread their wings and cheer! You had to be there really!

Yes DR. I do think I am seeing double!

 Dr., You will never believe this, but now I have a bird on me…

 The last and final pair. The most aggressive animals in the park!