Tis the season for Tangerines

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December 1, 2010 – Tis the season for Tangerines – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box 

Florida still fails to cease to amaze us. We have a lemon on the right, a full size red Naval Orange, and a Tangerine on the left. Slightly larger than a large orange, Sarah says “Ill take the big one please” and opts for the tangerine. All that was done today, was school, Athena cleaned the inside of the RV, Laundry and I spent the day trying to open the air cleaner on the engine to see if the air filter needed changed. Checking the air filter took me the entire day and turned out to be clean. Good thing too, I hate to see how much time I would needed to get a new one and put it in. Checking air filter was horrible, I had to climb under the RV and get dirty, good thing I wore an older shirt without a collar today. I have to wear my coat this evening, the temperature has dropped to 58 after the sun went down, and 66 in the RV. Must be time to head further south. :)

Good Evening and Good Night…
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