Today we left the motorhome By Sarah

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March 16, 2011 – Today we left the motorhome By Sarah – Rolling Shoe Box 

 So, its Sarah writing today, because Dad did not fell like doing it. On the way to the museum, we counted Texas flags. We got 14, including the one in the parking lot. So, we went to this museum, called Frontier Texas!. That is the sign in the picture. So, in the museum, everything talks to you, so you didn’t have to read. There were hologram actors who were talking to you. They were 3D people that you could see right through :) Then there were these two 360 degree theatre rooms. One of them you just stood, and the other they had these spinning chairs that looked like tree stumps. The room with the tree stumps had lightening and stuff. The whole museum was about the Comanches. There was also this stagecoach that you could climb into. You could roll up the doors and windows of it. The stagecoach was used in Little House on the Prairie and other movies. The strangest part was in the restroom they taught you words in Comanche.

So, after that, we drove around Abaline for a bit, then went to Denny’s. Out of the window, we saw a delivery of eggs. They all said Keep Refrigerated, but they were out in the parking lot on an 80 degree day.
After Denny’s, we went to the Honda dealer to get the oil changed. They had free cookies. We finished off the chocolate chip ones. We also bought some skittles from the gum ball machine. They were Yum-a-ilious=)
Now we are back in the motorhome, and I’m begging my parents to turn on the air conditioner.
Hope you are having a wonderful day too. Bye-Bye;)