Travel day again

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GaterVille5170 December 20, 2010 – Travel day again – Rolling Shoe Box 

Park here recommends sifting through the sand and rocks along the river for fossils of dinosaurs, shark teeth and camels. Most everyone agrees with me, we will let the park staff play in the sand since “Stubby” the gator and her baby reside down there.  I walked to the rivers edge and the there is a sign that says what do alligator eat. “Fish, turtles, rabbits, birds, sheep, cows, wild bores, bears,  Florida panthers, and other mammals. ” Athena and I looked at the sign and thought for a moment, Turtles are slow, but hard; fish are fast, rabbits are fast, sheep and cows are big, bores are mean and fast, panthers and bears are fierce, but we are slow juicy and soft. We thought we might be a very tasty item on the alligator menu. Since we do not want to be food, we will pass on the camp ground canoe trip. Now for the snake question, are they in the trees? on the ground? have they been mating with the birds and iguana and making baby dragons?  I think man was smart when he took note of where he was on the food chain and started eliminating his competitors. First he slew the dinosaurs, then the wild cats, mean bears etc.. Almost made it to the top of the food chain, but over the years people begin to grow dumb and soft, placing panthers, alligators, cougars and wolves and such on an endangered species list and began protecting them. Now if a man kills one of these creatures he goes to jail, a creature kills a man, the creature is rewarded with a good meal.  Personally I like the idea of being at the top of the food chain thank you very much! The campground here is tighter than we are used to, close to the highway, and the river. The people are strangely friendly, so that has been nice. We got the awning out today for the first time. A nice man we met in Orlando yesterday is camped a few sites away and showed up just in time to help me fix all the defects, and get it setup. Cool!Have a good evening and a good night!!